Below are some kind words my past parent's have shared about their experience:

100% recommend Charlotte for any new mum out there that isn’t quite sure what motherhood will bring. She was able to explain everything in detail and put me at ease. We did the antenatal and hypnobirthing course and I learnt so much! Feel so much more confident and informed going into motherhood! My Husband also thought the course was great, as he was able to digest the part he plays and how we work as a team! Much better than NCT classes which I also tried! Thank you so much Charlotte!

R & K
Antenatal Course

Thank you for the brilliant course Charlotte, it was great to be able to go through the hypnobirthing techniques even though we couldn't do it in person! We both took lots away from the course to help us prepare for our little one's arrival and I found it really reassuring to learn more about what to expect on the big day.

Me and my partner took the antenatal class while waiting for our first baby. Charlotte covered a range of topics and possible scenarios to help us feel prepared for whatever comes during labour and the first days with our baby. She provided research based information along with practical advice which we found very helpful.

She is very approachable, kind and warm and made sure to support any choices we are making and we definitely recommend her classes to expecting parents!! Looking forward to her baby classes in the future!

Hypnobirthing Course

Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Course

I am so pleased that my husband and I decided to complete our antenatal course with Charlotte. She is open and honest with advice and extremely approachable. I felt like I could ask her any question- however gross and TMI it might even be! Charlotte is exceptionally knowledgeable about all things birth and baby and provided us with the tools we will need in the coming months.

We feel a lot more prepared for the birth of our little boy now and she has made me feel more confident about the birth and caring for a new born.

We highly recommend any new parents to complete Charlotte’s course at Birth and Baby Club. We can’t wait to take our little boy to her baby groups. Thank you Charlotte

Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Course

The course is brilliant!

Charlotte did a great job also managing well the arrangement of the second part of the course online due to the lockdown!

She shared her knowledge and give us plenty of useful information and precious advice!

Getting those in advance make us feel we can be well prepared to be good parents:)

I definitively recommend it to all parents to be!!!

My husband and I both did the course as first time parents and went in feeling quite nervous about the whole situation. The classes were informative, easy to follow and we really enjoyed them. It has been a shame we haven’t been able to meet other couples with similar due dates face to face but I am so glad I did the course as it has taken the initial fear out of giving birth. Thank you Charlotte!

Antenatal Course

Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Course

We are so grateful to Charlotte for our Baby Massage classes. They were relaxed and fun with cute themes each week. Sam especially loved the sensory parts. Thank you :)

Baby Massage Course

'I felt quite clueless before our classes in all honesty. After our first class I instantly felt reassured about the whole experience. I wasn’t too worried when we had to go virtual as I knew we’d still get all the information we needed and we have! 

I’m also really grateful that we’ve been able to ask questions throughout as there’s so much information to learn and you hear so much from others it’s great to get some clarity!'

Antenatal  Course